Sketching and painting the human form has been considered the epitome of artistic expression for centuries. I've been painting figurative portraits for over a decade now and I have been lucky enough to win many awards. My boudoir commissions have been most often for anniversaries from lovely ladies to their lucky men. Lately I've been getting requests for a new and exciting kind of portrait...the engagement boudoir portrait.

A portrait shows everyone how the couple loves each other. An engagement boudoir portrait is a personal expression of how much they love each other.

I'd like to paint your portrait and it is very easy to get started. When we first discuss the project we'll decide on the subject, size, setting, mood, and clothing for the painting. In our photo session we'll take as many photos as needed to get just the look you want. In all cases I prefer to use my own photography because it helps me to get a sense of the personality of my subject. But in some cases due to distance or in a posthumous case I can work from high-quality photos you provide. We can also work from live sittings if we have the time and proximity.

When the portrait is completed, a photograph of the painting is sent to you for approval. If touch-ups are needed, they can be done before delivery. For example, I finished a commission of two children by the wife for her husband. She said she loved it, but "my daughters eyes are blue". They looked brown in the photo she supplied, but the correction was no problem. The eyes were made a beautiful blue and we made the unveiling in Las Vegas with room to spare. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hope you enjoy my work and if you'd like to commission a portrait please contact me.

Bob Shepherd




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Bob Shepherd
60 Wick Willow Rd.
Montgomery, TX 77356-8240

12" x 12"
11" x 14"
14" x 24" $1,000
16" x 20"
18" x 24"
20" x 24"
22" x 28"
24" x 40" $3,500
30" x 40"
35" x 35" $4,000
Price includes one person and a generous background. For each additional subject add 10% to the original price. Prices do not include shipping, travel, framing, or taxes.